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Fengxian District
Macao Special Administrative Region
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Tanggu District
Changjiang Li Autonomous County

Xu Yuteng

  This set of stamps has broken the traditional practice of 1 set of 1 personalized stamps for sports events in the past , and 1 set of 2 was issued for the first time . In terms of design, it breaks through the square frame of traditional stamps, and for the first time uses octagonal design in personalized stamps, which means the concept of "welcoming guests from all directions and congratulating the Winter Olympics". The octagonal shape is inspired by the traditional lantern culture in traditional Chinese culture. The Beijing Winter Olympics will be opened during the Spring Festival, and the palace lantern shape interprets the Spring Festival culture. This set of stamps condenses the Winter Olympic culture and Chinese culture in a unique and distinctive art form, giving people a refreshing visual experience.,How to make money with ETH.